Audio Systems for Guided Tours.

Make your next tour an experience to remember. With TourGuide Solutions, your tour group will hear every word, in crystal clear audio. No yelling. No confusion. Just excellent sound.

Whether you’re walking through a noisy plant or touring a historic neighborhood, our tour guide systems will boost tour engagement. We offer four distinct tour guide systems designed for a range of audience and organizational needs:

  • Sennheiser 2020 – best-in-class wireless for commerce and industry
  • Digi-Wave from Williams Sound – two-way, collaborative communication
  • TGS-900 – purpose-built for the tourism market, with commercial applications
  • Listen LS – budget-friendly design

No matter which tour system you choose, we understand that reliability and ease-of-use are of utmost importance. TourGuide Solutions provides durable, intuitive devices that work right out of the box. Not sure what you need? Just call 877-204-0225, and we’ll talk you through the options.

We offer both purchase and rental packages with service across North America.

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